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Drawing with Light – the Flamingo Series of Dierk Maass 

They stand in the glaring sun like Fata Morganas, abstract figures in colourful hues of apricot, blue, and beige. Only on second glance do we see a group of flamingos, captured in iridescent light with authentic realism, yet somehow surreal.Maas has been collecting scenes, and discovering his passion for photography, on long trips through the remote corners of the world, since 1980. These fascinating images from the banks of Lake Colorado were taken over a number of years. One of nine small salt lakes on the Andean plateau, it continually attracts stands of flamingos. The algae and the mineral content of the water produce the powerful colours. It is the remarkable photography of Maas, however, with his unique approach to light, that transforms these scenes of nature into moments of unparalleled beauty.

Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
DIMENSION : 39.8 x 113 CM
MODERN,FRAMELESS : Mounting on Aluminium Di-bond